Top 10 Youngest Actress in Hollywood in 2022

Hollywood is a world of pretense, elegance, and style. It is not just a fascinating place, but a dream come true for the new and rising actors. A top Hollywood actress is the shining star that all the girls wish to be. Be it their style, elegance, or style there is nothing that stops them from being in the limelight.

Hollywood has always attracted young and talented people from around the world. It has been the breeding ground for some of the best actors and actresses. Still, there are some Hollywood stars who were in their 20s and 30s.

Top 10 Beautiful & Hottest Young Hollywood Actresses in 2022

1. Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner is a young British actress. She is 22 in 2022. Her stardom began when she starred in the critically acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. Having been born into a celebrity family – her dad, brother, and mum are all actors – it’s no surprise that getting into the industry was easy for Sophie. On the show, she plays Sansa Stark, who finds herself navigating complex political situations while trying to keep a hold of a lot of other things at the same time (like her hair!). In real life, Sophie is every bit as talented as Sansa and has gone on to star in other TV shows like X-Men: Apocalypse, but also appears in films like Huntsman: Winter’s War and Another Me. You might have also seen her modeling for brands such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

2. Katherine Langford

Katherine-Langford Photo

The second place for youngest Hollywood actress goes to Katherine Langford. She is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses who has gained a lot of respect and appreciation from her fans due to her various amazing roles and performances while starting out in the movie industry. Her incredibly blue eyes don’t hurt either! At the young age of 22, she already has an award under her belt.

3. Odeya Rush

Odeya-Rush Photo

Actress Odeya Rush is ranked as the fourth most beautiful and Sexiest actress in Hollywood by “Indie Wire” for 2022. She is also listed among “The New Republic’s” 50 Most Beautiful People for 2016. She has an appearance in many movies, including The Giver, Goosebumps, Dumplin’, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Let It Snow, and more. Her professional career started with her appearances in both print and television ads as a model.

Rush started her career in television theatre. She received most of her experience when she worked in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2010). This brought the start of many possibilities like taking part in Timothy Green and Mr. Softee, both of which earned her awards and critical acclaim. The Midwest TV Guys chose her as a young actress to be kept an eye on. Her award-winning accomplishments include The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Lady Bird.

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4. Victoria Justice


She was a lovely child star who had an abundance of talent and beauty. She had a very blessed voice, which she later decided to use in her acting career. As an actress, she enjoyed tremendous success early on. This led to many well-known roles throughout her filmographies, such as the comedy series Gilmore Girls (2003) and the television drama series Zoey 101 (2005). However, it wasn’t until she played Tori Vega that catapulted her into superstardom. The role earned her several awards both during her time on Nickelodeon and throughout Hollywood’s award shows as an adult. After that, it seemed like there was no stopping this young actress/singer from breaking new ground.

Her performance in Zoey made her a household name, and she’ll forever carry that title with pride. Victorious and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf were some other incredible roles she took on after becoming a child star. She has over 3 million followers on Instagram, which won her recognition as an International Instagrammer at the Estrel Awards.

5. Chloe Moretz

Chloe-Moretz Photo

Chloe Moretz is a stunning 24-year-old American actress, best known for her role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass (2010) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013). She has been beyond tenacious during the past decade, working in more than 60 films and earning a wealth of respected nominations and awards. Apart from this, she’s also sought to impress audiences with mature roles in Let Me In (2010) and The Equalizer (2014), proving that behind that bold on-screen persona is an able artist who may be even better suited to her craft than most of her peers.

As the child actress of films like The Amityville Horror and 500 Days of Summer, Chloe Grace Moretz has a deep and impressive portfolio behind her. Born in 1997, Moretz is only nineteen years old but has managed to appear in numerous critically acclaimed movies like The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Clouds of Sils Maria, Suspiria, and Adam’s Family as a few. She is also a fashion icon and model for the American retailer Aeropostale. Furthermore, with credits such as Desperate Housewives and The Eye under her belt, it is no surprise she is frequently hailed as talented among her fellow actors.

6. Elle Fanning

Elle-Fanning Photo

Elle Fanning is an actress and model who has acted for many leading Hollywood Blockbusters, including Super 8, Somewhere, We Bought a Zoo, and Phoebe in Wonderland. In 2010, she starred in J.J.Abrams’ Sci-Fi Super 8 and received positive reviews, as well as a Spotlight Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. In 2016 she was ‘A people’s Magazine Cover star’. She likes to dress casually in offbeat outfits and draws inspiration from there.

She has starred in many hit movies and has done a lot for her age. But every great recognition has come with immense pressure. At Cannes Film Festival, she was the youngest jury member on the panel at 21. Her award-winning roles can be seen in Daddy Day Care (2003), The lost room (2004), Babel (2006), and Somewhere (2010). The Nutcracker in 3D (2010), Super 8 (2011), Ginger & Rosa (2012) , Maleficent (2014) Trumbo(2015). 20th Century Women (2016 ), and The Great(2016). However, every title is a task to carry on her shoulders due to which Jennifer Lawrence freaks out on occasions like wearing the wrong dresses. Or facing embarrassing moments during filming. But her hard work pays off, and all those moments of pain transformed into memorable experiences of joy.

Fanning was initially hired to play her sister Dakota’s younger self in the role of Alice Taylor in the movie I Am Sam. This break gave her a great boost and she went on to have a memorable role. As Ruth when she starred alongside Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges in The Door on the Floor. Fanning plays a variety of roles and takes advantage of experimental looks on the red carpet, especially during award season. She is popular for her sexy appeal. And has been cited as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actresses for several years. Hence is linked with numerous romances including Sean Penn and Josh Hartnett.

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7. Peyton List

Peyton-List Photo

Peyton List is a young, talented American actress who is best known for her role. As Emma Ross on the Disney Channel series Jessie. Although she has not yet celebrated her 23rd birthday, Peyton has already been in the entertainment industry for quite some time. Her credits include The Thinning, Remember Me, Light as a Feather, and Cobra Kai to name just a very few. As of October 2018, the star has provoked several social media interactions with her. Two million plus Instagram followers and well over 600 thousand Twitter fans. In many circles within Hollywood and across the country at large Perrcycle is hailed. For being one of those conscious young stars that have a voice about many important issues. Such as racial injustice and bullying prevention amongst others

8. Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee-Steinfeld Photo

Her role in the short film She’s a Fox won both recognized and prestigious awards that led her to be noticed as an actress. Her version of True Grit is considered one of the best performances in the movie. She wrote a few songs for this movie and also lent her voice to it.

Recently, Brie Larson has taken mainstream roles in multiple productions. Including blockbusters such as Captain Marvel and Unicorn Store. She’s also picked up notable independent film roles in the critically-acclaimed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Spectacular Now, and Short Term 12. Most recently, she was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, and Golden Globes. And Screen Actors Guild Awards among others in 2017. When her role in Room won her a SAG Award with co-nominee Jacob Tremblay.

Her music is also much loved. It helped her to create the hit film Pitch Perfect 2, with her hit songs Flashlight, Love Myself, Starving, Let Me Go, Half Written Story, and Wrong Direction. She has won multiple awards such as the MTV Video Music Award for Best Song of the Summer or Teen Choice Awards for Choice Single: Female Artist for “Flashlight”. Her songs ruled the charts reaching up to triple-platinum grade and breaking records. Her popularity led her to many more opportunities such as her new album called Love Yourself: Tear (2018).

9. Bailee Madison

Bailee-Madison Photo

This young American actress is great at making fantasy dramas and has a remarkable ability to put together meaningful characters. Her other appreciated movies include Movies such as…Brothers, Don’t be afraid of the Dark, Just Go With It, Parental Guidance, Northpole & The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Madison’s first appearance for the world to see was on the small screen where she played unusual characters. She made guest appearances in several TV shows including Wizards of Waverly Place, Snow White, Once Upon a Time, Trophy Wife, and The Fosters. In 2015 she got her own series called Good Witch and has also featured in movies such as Frozen Fever.

Madison is more than just a pretty face; the young actress, who began her acting career shortly after she was born and has had many roles ever since has recently taken initiatives to use the power of social media and Internet popularity to drive positive change. She can be found supporting charities through her official Twitter account. Her reviews are an indication that she’s one of the up-and-coming Hollywood stars, as her appearances in top-rated shows and movies tend to do quite well with both fans of classic cinema and YouTube channels alike.

10. Kiernan Shipka


While several actresses have achieved success in their later careers through roles on TV shows. And indie films, the most successful recent one is Kiernan Shipka. This young and hottest actress in Hollywood always remains in the spotlight for her attractive personality, talent, and acting skills. She got awarded for her outstanding performance by an ensemble in a Drama Series, Mad Men. She got listed in the top 25 Most influential Teens of 2014. Her breakthrough came from playing Sally Draper on Mad Men which is a period drama series. As well as the Netflix horror release ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” as Sabrina Spellman.

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