The Most Popular Episodes Of FRIENDS? Find Out

The Most Popular Episodes Of FRIENDS? Find Out

Friends, a sitcom that ran for ten seasons and had almost two hundred episodes, consistently delivered outstanding, hilarious, and timeless shows. The comedy is still one of television’s most popular and binge-watchable programs. With the recent reunion episode only adding to the show’s timeless relevance and accessibility.

People are still re-watching Friends and referencing characters, events, and lines from the series today. People continue to rewatch Friends, reference characters, events, and lines from the show today, as well as discuss it with other fans. The most popular Friends episodes are frequently among the most watched shows on HBO Max, but there are so many excellent ones to choose from that everyone has their own favorite.

Friends is a classic example of the comedic potential of ensemble casts. Every episode has a rewatchable element to it, since it is so consistently amusing. Whether it’s heartfelt events like as a wedding or lighthearted subjects like as Joey’s enthusiasm for London, there’s always something to enjoy about each episode.

What is the Best Episode of Friends?

Each episode has everything for everyone, with each important character having a defined position. Certain episodes, on the other hand, have grown legendary over time and truly stood out, helping the program develop into the high-quality sitcom that it is now known for, as we look at which episodes are the highest rated on IMDb.

15 Friends: “The One With The Red Sweater” – 9.1 (Season 8, Episode 2)

The appeal of this episode is that it’s chock-full of intrigue. The entire episode is about fans guessing who Rachel’s baby’s father might be, with the only real clue being the red cardigan, which the father left behind. This is eventually picked up by Ross, resulting in a fantastic reveal as viewers find out he and Rachel were back together for at least one night.

The show’s creators are masters of manipulation, and the tension, suspense, and anticipation that follows from all of this is what makes this particular episode so exceptional, earning it one of the highest-rated Friends episodes.

14 Friends “The One With All The Resolutions” – 9.1 (Season 5, Episode 11)

The One With All The Resolutions” was a fantastic example of that, with its New Year’s Eve installments being quite entertaining. As the name implies, the episode is all about New Year’s resolutions, and the group struggles to keep them from getting broken well before midnight.

13Friends “The One With Ross’s Sandwich” – 9.1 (Season 5, Episode 9)

The main hook of the story is all about Ross’ and his sacred Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich, the moist maker. When someone steals it from him at work, he erupts in fury and exposes a new side of himself.

12 “The One Where Ross Got High” – 9.2 (Season 6, Episode 9)

Another great episode about Ross, which focuses on secrecy. This tale features Ross telling Chandler his parents despise him, blaming an odor of marijuana on him when in reality it was Ross who smoked it while they were younger.

Jack and Judy Geller are two of the program’s most amusing supporting characters, and they’re at their peak in this episode, reacting to all of the craziness that’s unfolding throughout the group. Rachel also hilariously attempts to make a trifle but mixes it with a meat dish, which helps to create one of the series’ most memorable episodes.

11 “The One In Vegas: Part 2” – 9.2 (Season 5, Episode 24)

The fifth season finale was a fantastic episode, which concluded the group’s trip to Las Vegas, one of the series’ finest adventures. In Las Vegas, Ross and Rachel got married while Phoebe had to deal with competition in the form of slot machines, revealing another facet of her personality.

This episode’s story device was a fun way to have the gang travel to a different location and experience something new without having them go too far or becoming lost.

monica and chandler

6 “The One With The Rumor” – 9.3 (Season 8, Episode 9)

This is another fantastic Friends episode, and it’s a particularly memorable one because of Brad Pitt’s guest appearance. He plays Monica and Ross’ old high school pal Will, who Monica runs into at Thanksgiving dinner and invites to the table without knowing that Will despises Rachel, whom he considers “a little mean to him in high school.”

Rachel soon discovers that Ross and Will started the “I Hate Rachel Green Club,” as well as a hurtful rumour about her, and she is both upset and shocked. Meanwhile, Joey dons Phoebe’s maternity pants in an attempt to finish almost the entire turkey.

5 “The One With The Videotape” – 9.3 (Season 8, Episode 4)

In this episode, Ross and Rachel attempt to explain to the group how they ended up in bed together six weeks earlier, but they disagree on a crucial point: who approached whom? Fortunately (and strangely), Ross has recorded the entire event, however it’s not as simple as it appears. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica learn that their relationship was fake-numbered by another couple.

It’s an episode about unwinding the time that Ross and Rachel have spent together, as well as how various circumstances merge. It’s something, of course, that draws others into the story and makes the episode interesting.

2 “The Last One” – 9.7 (Season 10, Episode 17)

The final episode of Friends is the one that makes everyone cry (and still does today). Ross and Phoebe are attempting to catch up with Rachel before she boards her flight, but they mistakenly arrive at the wrong airport. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler pack their bags in preparation for their move.

While a lot of shows struggle to finish properly, Friends was able to do it right. Each of the primary characters’ story lines is concluded nicely in an episode full of raw emotion and humor.

1 “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” – 9.7 (Season 5, Episode 14)

The highest-rated episode of Friends is “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.” According to the IMDb rankings, at the very least that’s the case. This is the episode in which everyone learns about Chandler and Monica’s hidden relationship.

Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler embrace from the Ugly Naked Guy’s home, and she becomes freaked out by what she is witnessing. Phoebe and Rachel later decide to play a joke on the pair in order to force them out of hiding, but Phoebe attempts to seduce Chandler in order to drive them out. When they find out what they’re up to, Monica and Chandler try their best to stop them, which leads to a wonderful back-and-forth.

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