Mirage Movie Review

Mirage Movie Review

When I first saw the Prince of Prussia movie. I thought it was fiction and more of a time travel movie. But one thing that was very important in it was that the Nizam went back in time and did something that. he had done before. What was he not going to do now so that the future would be completely changed?

Mirage Movie review
Mirage Movie review

Let me explain with another example. We often feel that some of our decisions were wrong and some were right. If we had not made a wrong decision in the past. The present and the future would be different.

Similarly, if you are given the authority to stop someone from doing something in the past. What will be the effect of this action on the future of that person and more than that, how will that action affect your life?

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The movie begins with a weather report on TV, predicting a torrential downpour, which is expected to last for 72 hours. A boy named Nico is in a house video recording himself playing the guitar. While doing so, he is drawn to the window by the sound of lightning. Then he notices some unusual movement in Mr. Angel’s house in the neighborhood. And his curiosity compels him to go to Mr. Angel’s house. There, he finds Mrs. Angel’s body lying on the floor and sees a bloody knife in Mr. Angel’s hand. He runs out in a panic and is killed by a speeding car.

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Today, 25 years later, the atmosphere is the same, torrential rain is predicted, and in the same house. A woman Veera has shifted with her daughter and husband and is in the same room of the house. She sees the same old TV and camera. On turning on the TV, she is helplessly contacted by Niko from the past and starts talking to him. As it was common knowledge that a child lived in this house who died 25 years ago. Veera forbids him from visiting the neighboring house to save the child.

Internet Reality

Mirage Movie Netflix Review
Mirage Movie Netflix Review

Everything is connected to something else. When Veera cheated in the past, everything about her changed, and now Veera is not married. Her husband is living with his ex-girlfriend, and her daughter is no longer with her because of this reality. She was never born and she herself is known as an expert surgeon.
Bewildered – unable to understand what is happening to her – to unravel the mystery she sets out to find her own reality with her daughter and husband by her side.

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It is human nature to always find the truth bitter because the truth comes out of wishful thinking. When our minds can’t accept that this could happen to us. We start thinking about what went wrong in the past. Today we are in this situation. If seen in normal life, very few people are able to realize their mistakes and often think of some explanation for these mistakes to satisfy their conscience. So that the damage that has been done can be treated.


But Vera did not need any explanation or justification to satisfy herself, but she was looking for a way for herself to go back in time and make her situation as it was before, and in this, she would be helped by an inspector. Is. You will know the details of this inspector after watching the movie.

Overall I liked the movie, there were only a few small mistakes like the Euro note in Nico’s hand – the Euro came in 2002 in Spain and Nico was sitting with a Euro currency in his hand on the second day of the fall of Berlin in 1989.

Some things felt similar to other movies and series like Angel Prieto’s character. If you remember in the Money Heist series, Angel was a police officer and Prieto was an agency employee. The director combined the two names in a show of frugality.

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