I Don’t Want To See Selena Gomez sad, Therefore Steve Martin Hasn’t Watched The Documentary On Her.

I Don’t Want To See Selena Gomez sad, Therefore Steve Martin Hasn’t Watched The Documentary On Her.
Selena Gomez Documentary
Selena Gomez Documentary

Steve Martin claimed he hadn’t seen Selena Gomez’s recently released documentary, Only Murders in the Building.

The Disney alum has “paternal” sentiments for the Pink Panther actor, so he really doesn’t want to see her miserable, according to him.

Martin revealed he hasn’t seen Gomez’s documentary My Mind and Me during a recent episode of The View.

Martin remarked, “I kind of resist because I feel nice or maternal toward her or something, and I know it’s sad. “I just don’t want to see her sad,” you say.

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The actor-comedian continued, saying that he will undoubtedly work up the guts to watch the program in the future.

The six-year-long documentary by Alek Keshishian provides insight into Gomez’s mental health issues, a kidney transplant caused by lupus, and a bipolar diagnosis.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly after the movie’s premiere that the actor-singer was “thrilled” after receiving “mind-blowing” feedback on her movie.

She invested her heart and soul into this, and the insider said it took a lot of courage for her to delve so deeply into her path.

Selena Gomez remembers her dreadful, “overly tanned” 2018 Met Gala appearance

Selena Gomez described her 2018 Met Gala ensemble as a “beauty disaster” in an interview.

Selena Gomez remembers her dreadful overly tanned 2018 Met Gala appearance

The Only Murders in the Building actor, 30, recounted an occasion when the intended “glam” appearance didn’t work out. The well-known singer opened up to Glamour about her “most unforgettable beauty mishap.”

The topic for 2018, according to Gomez, was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. She chose a gorgeous white dress. However, the singer of Calm Down claimed that her attention was mostly on a tanning error.

“We put on a little bit of tanning lotion a few years ago while I was getting ready for the Met Gala, and it looked wonderful,” the creator of Rare Beauty recalled.

However, the singer for Hands to Myself noted that the darkness only increased throughout the evening. “When I sat down, I noticed a picture of myself, and it was entirely orange. My initial reaction when I arrived at this famous event was, “I have to get out of here!,” she continued.

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Gomez recently hinted that her new song will differ slightly from her earlier works. It’s going to be incredibly entertaining as far as new music is concerned, she remarked.

Gomez predicted that the song will be “really powerful, inspiring, and sort of honest, which is exactly how I feel.”

Instead of freaking out, the “Boyfriend” singer chose to make fun of the beauty blunder.

My immediate instinct was to simply get the hell out of there, so I had my security take a video of me, she said. “I’m currently running to my automobile. I’m honestly simply going to carry my ass to my car and upload it. This is how I felt after viewing my Met Gala pictures, I said.”

“Me when I saw my photographs from MET,” she captioned a lovely Instagram video of herself leaving the event at the time.

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