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DC (Detective Comics) VS Marvel a Review & Comparison

Did DC (Detective Comics) Compete with Marvel

People who have seen a few Marvel movies seem to be commenting on DC’s current flop movies, saying, “They can never compete with Marvel, DC can’t compete with Marvel, such useless movies. The real fact is that DC never competed with Marvel, but Marvel has always been trying to compete with DC in order to understand that. You have to look at their origin, this stuff is easily found on the Internet.

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DC (Detective Comics) Movies

DC (Detective Comics) Long after the success of Superman, Batman, and then Wonderman, then some other characters and Captain Marvel became known as DC’s main characters, then some DC team members in the lure of more profit And launched their own comics called Marvel.

Marvel Movies

The similarities persisted and Marvel launched its Family Superhero with the same name. Their goal was to make him the hero of Superman and Wonderwoman Tucker. From Deadpool, Color Crook, The Flash to QuickSilver, etc., that is, until the nineties, Marvel blindly copied DC and did two crossovers, but both times DC succeeded.

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DC (Detective Comics) VS Marvel Review & Comparison

DC also released films about Superman, Batman, etc. The greatest actors of the time considered it an honor to act as a villain, compared to Batman, such as Arnold, Jim Carrey, etc.

DC also produced some historical films that were acclaimed beyond comics, such as The Dark Knight, V for Vendetta, and The Joker. Yes, but still, when it comes to competition, DC is still far ahead of Marvel in the field of cartoons, comics, and TV. Why do people love DC characters? According to a statement by Stan Lee, he had a strong desire to make a movie about Batman himself, but it was not possible.

Ryan Ronald (Deadpool) also appreciated Snyder Kit even though he is working for Marvel. Then why are we fighting in this debate?

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Marvel is undoubtedly far ahead of DC in cinema not only in DC but also in other productions. Otherwise, before Marvel, it was Freddie Kruger, Aliens, Scream series, and what kind of series were popular, but thanks to Marvel they are all addicted. It got out of people’s minds and Marvel proved that no matter what character background and popularity you have, it is possible to come to the cinema and achieve success by keeping in mind the ideology, and the real failure of DC is also the idea of ​​identity. If Warner Bros. gives up his stubbornness and hears the cries of DC fans, then DC can come on the field again.

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