Asur Web Series Review

Asur Web Series Review

If your favorite Indian web series is “Sacred Games” or something else, it may be time to change your mind or at least waver.

For the first time in an Indian production, I got to see such a perfect combination of suspense, thriller, mystery, serial killing, Hindu mythology, logic, and science that I sacrificed a night’s sleep. There are eight episodes in total. After watching 5 till four o’clock in the morning, I took off the hands-free and packed up for the rest of the morning. But the series was stuck in my mind. Then I canceled the sleep and after completing it. It gave peace to the Atma.

“Asar” means “monster” in Hindu mythology. But do only monsters have a dark side? Good people are completely good? Each character in the series has layers, meaning they are revealed to you layer by layer, but still there is a lot that is hidden. Or maybe it’s left up to the viewer how he relates to all of it.

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Asur Movie
Asur Movie

The most admirable thing for me is the writer’s approach. On the one hand, there is the monster, the serial killer, who is giving the strongest logic for his every action with the help of holy books and Vedas, on the other hand, without any religious reference to prevent him, i.e. without resorting to the sayings of Rama and Krishna, only logic is ‘professional’. They are fighting this battle on the strength of Islam and science. In a secular and liberal way.

Apart from the writing, direction, acting, and screenplay, what impressed the most is the theme and background music. The more praise the less. The atmosphere of fear was not created by making creepy noises.
As far as the characters are concerned, except for Arshad Warsi, almost the entire cast of the series was new to me. The main character of “Asur” is a young freshman who is only to send fear and terror into your veins with his eyes. His dialogues and eyes stay with you.

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Asur Web Series Actress
Asur Web Series Actress

Arshad Warsi and Barun Zabati (probably the TV artist and the star of the series) have done full justice to their characters, but their argument and disagreement about justice in the series is very unique. Both are the fittest officers of the Forensic Department of CBI, but Warsi is ready to go to any extent to get the culprit punished. Even if he does not have to commit any crime for this, this is the dark side of goodness that gives the “captive” a chance to bring the darkness hidden inside every human being with him.

The role of a motivational speaker is very lively in the series, is an opinion-maker. Smoothes public opinion. People give his words the level of faith. Who exhorts patience on every knee and tells him the unshakable wisdom of the Amrits and Vedas. And glorifies darkness. This role is also played very well by a new guy.
The series shows murder and misguidance in the name of Dharma mythology. But evil was not isolated and good was preached. It is all left to the beholder. My heart told me that art is still alive. Which is sensitive only to human beings.

Even if you don’t think about all this and see the series as just a serial killing and mystery, it won’t let you blink. . Sleep will blow away. And will force you to see it again. Because I haven’t watched any series again till now, I have saved my record by deleting it because of the desire to wake up again and again.
Watch and tell me how you like it. The notion that quality work is only available on Netflix and Amazon is over. And this is probably the reason why the series is somewhat unpopular.

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Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (TV Series 2020)

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