Amir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review

Amir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review

Lal Singh Chadha saw. When the trailer of the film was released. But when it was told by Gippy Grewal that Aamir Khan is making a remake of the Hollywood classic blockbuster film Forrest Gump and a Sikh Lal Singh Chadha will be seen in the role of Forrest Gump, Then the first question.

Amir Khan  Lal Sing Chaddha Movie Review
Amir Khan Lal Sing Chaddha Movie Review

What came to my mind was why? Did not become well from America.

Forrest Gump was released in 1994. The film not only covered the extraordinary achievements of a man with a low IQ level. But the screenplay of the film gave a great insight into the politics, civil war, cultural conflict, and social movements in America during the sixties and seventies. And cleverly shown.

Forrest Gump, a mentally challenged character, happens to be a part of these memorable events in American history in an interesting way. Forrest Gump was portrayed as a typical conservative American who had no political views and was not intellectually inclined. The script of Forrest Gump highlighted the pure American way of life and the American Dream.

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Lal Singh Chadda Movie
Lal Singh Chadda Movie

The script of Forrest Gump took special care that the events in American history. That is being made part of the film should be politically correct and with a complete fact check. Children are still fondly referred to as Forrest Gump.

After years of struggle, Aamir Khan bought the rights to this film and acquired the right of screenplay adaptation. But the scriptwriters of Lal Singh Chadha were not clear on the point of how to fit the Indian historical political and social events in the film instead of the American historical events so that they can easily and effortlessly relate to the life of Lal Singh Chadha. See happening.

The scriptwriters tried but failed miserably.

Forrest Gump’s low IQ enlisting in the US Army and going to the Vietnam War was actually a dark side of US history. That was made part of the film. During the Vietnam War, the United States Secretary of Defense and Security, Robert McNamara, initiated a humanitarian project in which the mentally retarded, college dropouts. And those who could not perform everyday tasks properly were recruited into the military. Started recruiting. These were youths who had no political and intellectual value. Who were homeless due to poverty. They were drafted into the army with a fight-or-die mentality in the Vietnam War and sent straight to the battlefield in Vietnam. The project was named “McNamara’s Misfits”.

Forrest Gump also enlisted in the army under this military misfit project. In the film, Forrest’s war buddy bubba, who advises him on the shrimp business, also enlisted in the army under the same project. That is, the whole story behind Forrest Gump’s joining the army was a reflection of the reason and a completely true event.

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Amir Khan Lal Singh Chaddha
Amir Khan Lal Singh Chaddha

But in the film Lal Singh Chadha, the makers of this critical American historical aspect neglected the quality of military recruitment in the Indian Army. And thought of creative liberty without thinking about the sensitivity of the issue. And included the recruitment of Lal Singh Chadha in the Indian Army. Curry which is difficult to digest and swallow. Thus, scene to scene of the film is a copy of the original film. But even where something had to be edited by himself, the script writer’s hands were swollen and showed nothing. Like Kargil War was shown instead of Vietnam and in the war. Lal Singh Chadha saved the injured soldiers by carrying the enemy soldiers on his shoulder later. He was not even checked by the Indian Army and he started living permanently in Mumbai. It was a script blunder that could not be ignored.

Forrest Gump shows the influence of Lennon and Elvis Presley on American music. People who were overshadowed at the time. Lal Singh Chadha did not attempt to show anything like that.

In the original film, Forrest Gump was madly infatuated with the film’s heroine, Jenny. Jenny was a progressive-minded, independent girl who participated in various movements. Worked in a stripper club, used Gump, and died of AIDS. Kareena Kapoor played the role of Jenny in the film and the scriptwriter did not understand how to portray Kareena Kapoor as a progressive rebel and independent girl living in Eastern values.

Those who have seen Forrest Gump, Aamir Khan in Lal Singh Chadha, despite his long black hair and turban. Will see a mirror image of a clean-shaven Tom Hanks in his facial expressions. The reason is that Aamir Khan focused more on becoming Forrest Gump than Lal Singh and perhaps this approach was not very wise.

Forrest Gump’s accent and narration of background events were the life of the film. Tom Hanks had a perfect grip on the stuttering and pausing accent. So much grip that they were not caught switching accents at any one place. He was such a natural at delivering dialogues that he was so attuned to the language. And the character that he assimilated Tom Hanks into Forrest Gump. Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha accent was confusing. He was switching between Punjabi and Hindi. At the end of each line, an attempt was made to make it Punjabi by either pulling out a Hindi word or adding ‘hai ji’ at the end of each word to give the impression of a Punjabi dialect.

In the background music of the film, the song was written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, the romantic lyricist of the century. There is no dearth of good writers in India. Varun Grover is present, Gulzar’s option was these guys who could give pure and effective film poetry. The music given by Pritam which fills the bus box is not memorable. AR Rahman’s help could have been taken when you know you are going to re-watch a movie that has been watched for a huge number of centuries and try to keep every aspect of it different from the original.

Those who have not seen the original Forrest Gump may like Lal Singh Chadha. Those who have seen Forrest Gump and have surely forgotten it may be in for a bitter disappointment if they watch Lal Singh Chaddha.

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Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review
Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review

Aamir Khan’s Rancho of Three Idiots is not coming out. He has become younger and weirder. We loved Aamir Khan of Sarfrosh, we loved the straightforward Aamir Khan of Lagaan, and we loved Aamir Khan of Tare Zameen. In the race to become unique and a perfectionist, Aamir Khan has disappeared, and left behind is Aamir Khan, who is disappointing even after working extra hard to become a method actor in every role of Dhal wearing make-up with dark eyes.

In the age of Netflix, Gangs of Wasepur, and web series where audiences see unique ground-truths like Patal Folk Sacred Game Mirzapur, the stories are remade by remakes of popular blockbuster Hollywood films. It is a risk to waste energy in showing that any other filmmaker after watching Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha would think of taking again.

There was no need for this film to be boycotted, but they were allowed to run so that Aamir Khan would not have the desire in his heart that this film of mine was a flop just because it was not shown in cinemas.

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